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Online Placements

Corinne B. Rosner P.A. is committed to providing you with a secure fast and efficient method of placing your delinquent accounts for collections. It is imperative that once you submit your files you either mail or fax all the documentation to support your claim. Please do not send originals unless they are requested. Furthermore, cease all communication including collections activity with the debtor.

You can email all supporting documentation to [email protected]

Please read before submitting

In submitting files for placement, the named client authorizes Corinne B. Rosner PA. to act as it’s legal council with respect to collections inclusive of litigation. Furthermore, client authorizes Corinne B. Rosner PA. to deposit all checks received into Corinne B. Rosner PA. Trust account. Corinne B. Rosner PA. will remit funds to client after deducting the agreed contingency fee on or before the 15th and 30th of each month following when said monies are collected. In addition, client agrees to remit to Corinne B. Rosner any monies received which were paid directly from the debtor less the agreed contingency fee.

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